SX-4 Switching Module

INTRODUCTION: This is housed in our standard sized enclosure and controls 4 more switching functions of insert or effects loops. It is connected to the master RX-1 receiver via the data bus. The SX-4 can be learnt to recognise up to 7 unique transmitter code signatures. It can be powered by a 9V battery or from an AC Adapter (not provided). The signal path is further optimised by using jack sockets that are normally connected to the next insert in line thus reducing the amount of cables required when using effects connected to form a train.
Having the option of hard wire bypass for each loop that may contain one or more effects has of course many advantages in complicated set-ups plus gives the opportunity to group effects in categories that are more easily managed and programmed. All these advantages add up to give Player Freedom and confidence when designing their own personal set-up of performance gear. Mixed control of amplifiers and effects can be set-up easily with no wires to trip over.





RX -1

TX -4

SX -4

Vision Wah Special

Voodoo-Vibe +

Rocket FX

Voodoo FX

Vision Low Line

Mission Controller