TX-4 Floor Transmitter

INTRODUCTION: The TX-4 has been designed to provide remote floor control. The ergonomic benefits of low profile, small size and uniform switch spacing plus no wires will appeal to those of you tired of foot tapping across a crowded pedal board.
The TX-4 controls a further 4 insert or effects loops using a push on - push off command. The unit is housed in a strong custom extrusion using top quality Carling USA switches that have a proven record record of reliabilty. It shares the same transmitter module, battery and features as in the Skyscraper and is housed under the black plastic indentification strip. The commands sent by the TX-4 can be decoded by one or more SX-4 modules. Thus two TX-4 modules in different locations could control the same SX-4 giving floor control in two spots on a stage. The flexibilty of the system is virtually unlimited and of course full application support is available from us. Thus multiple TX-4 units can be used achieved your desired set up in the studio or in a live situation.
Players have also commented that they like being able to label the switches to their own taste and preference using a wax pencil or marked that can be wiped clean easily. Battery Change is simple by removing one end plate and sliding the plastic indent strip out.





RX -1

TX -4

SX -4

Vision Wah Special

Voodoo-Vibe +

Rocket FX

Voodoo FX

Vision Low Line

Mission Controller