6 Channel System shown

INTRODUCTION: The Mission Controller series of modules is a flexible and expandable system using the latest digitally encrypted FM Radio technology. We are introducing the 6 Channel System as a starting point for those who wish to move forward and experience the freedom from wires and awkward pedal boards. Commands for tone change can now be sent from the floor or guitar strap using the transmitters shown. It doesn't end there as we also have custom potentiometers for your guitar to enable you to control a transmitter that fits under the pick guard. Up to 26 channels are available by adding more modules.

PLAYER FREEDOM: Simplifying the way pedals are selected whilst performing was the prime motivation. By not having a crowded pedal board in front of you with all the wires and mess you can set up the floor controller and guitar controller to easily select the effect or combined selection in the most convenient way. Players can now change the effects path or amp channels without having to find the right pedal switch on a crowded stage or pedal board by using radio remote control. The pedals can now be placed in the optimum position next to the guitar amplifier and at waist height. Ease of use frees the mind to concentrate on playing producing increased performance confidence by having control always in the same place on your floor controller, guitar strap or guitar. This new freedom will change the way you play as well as improve your stage presence by maintaining audience eye contact. The nightmare of finding the right button to push in the dark will be gone forever. Changing effects loops between songs when required means that echo, as an example can always be controlled from the same designated transmitter switch place. You can always change to a different echo for another song but the position of the echo control switch remains in the same place.

SYSTEM INFORMATION: The system consists of an FM transmitter and receiver using rolling code encrypted digital signal packets. The frequency bands that are used require no license to operate and the overall performance of the system is secure and free from hacking or interference. The range is over 35m in all conditions and exceeds this in open air and most auditoriums. The RX-1 receiver can learn the unique code of up to 7 transmitters thus making guitar changing easy. The transmitter also transmits a signal when it's time to change the battery but battery life is over 9 months with normal use. We have chosen to use the best and most secure radio system available rather than cheaper AM or Bluetooth for this critical application. The audio switching is direct using reed relays with special low level signal contacts in a vacuum and therefore cannot be improved by any other method. The overall system parameters represent the state of the art and certainly the Mission Controller is the first Radio FX Switching System of it's kind in the World for musicians.

TRANSMITTERS: You have the choice of having control from a Floor Controller, Guitar Strap or directly from your Guitar. All the transmitters have a battery life of over 9 months and also transmit a low battery alert signal to the receiver and decoder.

SKYSCRAPER GUITAR STRAP TRANSMITTER: This controls 2 insert or effects loops with a push on - push off command. The commands are decoded by the RX-1 receiver or SX-4 and control the reed relay audio switching to insert or bypass the loop or effect. The switching action can also be easily configured to act as a remote footswitch: e.g. amplifier channel switching.

TX-4 FLOOR CONTROLLER TRANSMITTER: This controls a further 4 insert or effects loops using a push on - push off command. You can use up to 6 TX-4 units for multiple area access or to expand the total number of channels up to 26. A black plastic strip is provided to write on.

GUITAR TRANSMITTERS: The potentiometers that control volume or tone can be replaced with our Guitar Transmitter Potentiometer or GTX pot that when pushed on produces a soft feel click that sends a command. The transmitter module and battery are housed behind the scratch plate and now radio control is possible by pushing on the guitars knobs. Switching an effect couldn't be easier or less conspicuous.

RX-1 RECEIVER: This is housed in our standard sized enclosure and has been configured to receive the commands from all of the transmitters used. It also provides switching functions for 2 insert or effects loops. Provision for storing the antenna when travelling is provided plus led indication of the status each of the channels. A low transmitter battery alert led is also provided and recessed switch and a led for the learn function complete the front panel features. It can be powered by a 9V battery or from an AC Adapter (not provided). The data stream that is received can be further connected to the SX-4 switching decoder modules via a normal guitar patch cable.

SX-4 SWITCHING DECODER: This is housed in our standard sized enclosure and controls 4 more switching functions of insert or effects loops. It is connected to the master RX-1 receiver via the data bus. The SX-4 can be learnt to recognise one or more unique transmitter code signatures. It can be powered by a 9V battery or from an AC Adapter (not provided). The signal path is further optimised by using jack sockets that are normally connected to the next insert in line thus reducing the amount of cables required when using effects connected to form a train.


RECORDING STUDIO WORK:  Remote control of effects or equipment through the glass or in a sound booth.

TRIGGERING AN EXTERNAL DEVICE:  The system can be used to control any device during a performance. Light, smoke special FX etc.





RX -1

TX -4

SX -4

Vision Wah Special

Voodoo-Vibe +

Rocket FX

Voodoo FX

Vision Low Line

Mission Controller