One look at our Vision Low Line Pedals will tell you that these foot controllers are not like any other products that are on the market. We have started with a clean sheet of paper and addressed each of the shortcomings that previous designs have.
It is truly a revolutionary design right from its looks to the many technical and ergonomic innovations it brings to the player. I have a long history of successfully creating wah electronics that have produced some of the most notable wah sounds ever recorded. This past history and heritage has been the inspiration to produce a state of the art design of enclosure incorporating the latest cutting edge technology and materials to set a new benchmark. The Vision Wah has the capability of producing all of the old wah sweeps plus a great deal of new sounds and sweeps that have never been heard before. The Vision Wah Special brings the "Band of Gypsys" wah tones plus a a Volume pedal with variable range together in one modern ergomically designed package.

Ergonomic Player Design:
It is 40% lower than the Cry Baby Style of pedals and also has 28% more angular travel. The slightly downwards position of the top plate results in a much more relaxed and balanced operating posture and also allows the player to step off the pedal in a forward motion whilst simultaneously operating the bypass function. The silky smooth feel and low profile all improve the overall physical performance by using a foot control that is natural and easy to use. The cables plug into the side pods and are swept back out of harms way. The front control knobs are also recessed into the side pods to provide protection.

No potentiometer gears or switch:
Advanced instrumentation techniques measure the top plate angle continuously to provide data that controls the wah, volume and bypass switch functions. This solid-state approach results in reliable silent operation with no parts to wear out and replace.

Balanced Top Plate:
The ease of use is further enhanced by having a perfectly balanced top plate constructed from F1 Carbon Fibre composite that remains in position without the use of heavy friction.This enables the position to be held at any friction level.

Bypass Switch Feel:
The pressure required on the foot plate in the down position to actuate the changeover or bypass can be set electronically on the PC Card.

Vari-Friction Bearing
This adjustment allows the player to perfectly set the individual pedal feel or sensitivity of the top plate.

Pedal Status:
An LED indicator on the side pod shows status.

Internal 9V battery or from an AC Adapter (not supplied).

Front view showing low profile Side view showing low profile





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Vision Wah

Vision Wah Special

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