The Voodoo Series was first developed during 1992 and 1993 to provide players with a link to vintage tones but also to have access to modern features and wide tone control.
The tones have roots and a heritage from my valuable associations with the many famous players who have helped in their development.
Our design philosophy has always been one of continual development and evolution.
The fact that I was there personally helping produce the guitar sound in the studio for many landmark recordings by Jimi and many other players assures the authenticity and integrity of the tone. After all being there in person and experiencing the tone in the studio and then following it through to the final finished product has given me a unique view from start to finish.
The Voodoo Series brings to the player both:
Hard Wire and Dual Buffered Outputs.
This feature ends the question of which to use as you can hear for yourself which type suits your application.
The buffered outputs can be used to drive two devices or signal chains simultaneously without any signal loss or degradation of quality. Long cable lengths are not subject to high frequency loss and can be driven perfectly. Easy battery access.
The battery cover slides to reveal the battery so no more screws to loose.
Rugged USA Carling Footswitch
Powering is either from a single 9 Volt battery or mains adapter(not included). Extensive internal filtering assures quiet operation with commercial adapters.
The Voodoo Series all have optimised passive tone controls that have been very carefully voiced to give each one a unique and distinctive voice that still retains the dynamics and detail of the original guitar tone. This is one feature that sets our boxes apart from the norm.
Always test each pedal on it's own using a short cable into the amp and with a short guitar lead. This is to enable you to obtain a reference point for the tone. Then as you add the unit into your signal chain it is easy to tell if there has been any loss of quality.
If you are using a multiple output power supply make sure that as you add pedals hum or noise does not increase. In an ideal situation you would provide separate power supply for each unit to eliminate ground loops and induced electrical noise.
It is recommended to first audition the effects using a clean setting on an amplifier at medium volume levels. This set-up will enable you to hear the pedals characteristics as cleanly as possible whilst trying not to have the amplifier distortion dominate the overall sound. As some of the models have the output capability to overdrive the 1st stage this is the place to start.
As you understand the pedals sounds you can of course progress to finding a sweet spot for the particular overall sound level you are operating at.








Voodoo-Vibe +

Voodoo-Vibe Jr

Rocket FX

Voodoo FX

Vision Low Line

Mission Controller