SKYSCRAPER 2-Channel Guitar Strap Transmitter

INTRODUCTION: The Skyscraper has been designed to mount easily onto a guitar strap using two screws. It houses a two channel transmitter operated by the two switches. The received and decoded signal controls 2 insert or effects loops with a push on - push off command. The commands are decoded by the RX-1 receiver or SX-4 and control the reed relay audio switching to insert or bypass a loop or effect. The switching action can also be easily configured to act as a remote footswitch: e.g. amplifier channel switching. The internal battery is a 12V type 23A with an expected life of 1 year. When the battery needs to be replaced a low battery signal is sent and decoded which alerts you to change it. A further useful feature is that if the switches are stored so that the switch is depressed the unit will turn off and go into sleep mode after a short time. The unit is awoke from sleep mode whenever a button is pressed and returns to sleep afterwards thus ensuring maximum battery life. .

PLAYER FREEDOM: Simplifying the way pedals are selected whilst performing was the prime motivation behind the Mission Controller System. In this modern world it is unthinkable not to have a remote control for your TV. The Skyscraper brings two command channels close to hand whilst you are performing and can be programmed for your own specific requirements. If you are using more than one guitar a second Skyscraper can be used and learn by the RX-1 or SX-4. Up to 7 separate transmitters can be learnt by each SX-4 or RX-1 making the system extremely versatile.





RX -1

TX -4

SX -4

Vision Wah Special

Voodoo-Vibe +

Rocket FX

Voodoo FX

Vision Low Line

Mission Controller