RX-1 Receiver and 2-Channel Switcher

INTRODUCTION: The RX-1 is housed in our standard sized enclosure and receives the commands from all of the transmitters that are used. It also provides internal switching functions for 2 insert or effects loops. A handy storage clip is provided for storing the antenna whist travelling. LED indication of the status each of the channels is provided plus an LED for the low transmitter battery alert. A recessed switch and an LED are provided for the learning function complete the front panel features.
It can be powered by a 9V battery or from an AC Adapter (not provided). The data stream that is received from any of the transmitter being used is connected to a SX-4 switching decoder module via a normal guitar patch cable. Each SX-4 Module added increases the total number of channels available for switching by an additional 4. Up to 26 channels can obtained and supported.





RX -1

TX -4

SX -4

Vision Wah Special

Voodoo-Vibe +

Rocket FX

Voodoo FX

Vision Low Line

Mission Controller