A lot of people have requested me to make new unique dual purpose guitar pedal with clean sustain and overdrive that can be used with chords. I am proud to announce the Voodoo-Blues a revolutionary new design which can be set to provide both overdrive and clean boost.

I have over the years repeatedly refused to make an updated copy or clone of the Tube Screamer because I personally was never happy with its nasal tone and lack of detail and dynamics. A new innovative design approach was needed to make a unique product that would be a significant improvement. The Voodoo-Blues is the result. A unique new guitar effects pedal that uses a completely different circuit to produce a set of very musical overtones with feed forward compression as it slips into overdrive. The full dynamics and detail of the guitars tone are faithfully preserved and the unit cleans up perfectly with the guitar Volume control.

I urge you to compare the Voodoo-Blues with any type of overdrive pedal for you to "EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE" and not agree that it does its job beautifully and gives the discerning player an alternative for those who demand this type of overdrive. Our "FORWARD EVER - BACKWARD NEVER" approach to effects design has fuelled our success since 1964 and has enabled us to move the goal posts forwards again setting new benchmark standards.


The output level is high enough to drive the 1st Stage of Tube Amplifiers into distortion if required and the Fatness control does what it says and is not just a simple EQ section.

It has all the usual features of our Voodoo-Series pedals and is a welcome addition to the range.

Don't imagine that it can only be used for Blues as its characteristics lend itself very well to Rock and Country as well.

The Voodoo-Blues is housed in our Standard Style enclosure with both dual direct drive buffered outputs or hard wire output and has a rapid change 9V battery compartment.
Extensive internal filtering ensures that noise free operation is maintained even with the most basic of adapters.

DUAL DIRECT DRIVE OUTPUTS are provided capable of driving very long leads without any loss and in fact you could use a speaker lead for the outputs if you want without any hum.
This feature feature is standard on all our voodoo series and in effect reduces the output lead length to zero. This results in GREATER DETAIL and FIDELITY than using two long lengths of guitar leads in traditional hard wire bypass set-ups. The problem of CABLE NOISE induced by vibration on stage is eliminated together with electrical magnetic interference induced into shielded cables from lighting rigs etc. Possibly of more importance there is no TONE SUCKING at all from the output length of guitar cable. After all the ULTIMATE GUITAR CABLE would have a lead length of zero, and guitar players can detect the difference between long and short cables easily. The overall signal quality in the unit is thus guaranteed right up to amplifier and this overall performance exceeds any other method in use today. When using a Voodoo-Bass as the last device in a signal chain the distance to the amp does not come into consideration and long leads can be used successfully in recording situations e.g.: playing in the control room.

TRADITIONAL HARD WIRE OUTPUT /BYPASS is provided as well to enable comparison between using a BUFFERED OUTPUT in your particular set-up.
The discussion which one is better is up to you as both possible scenarios are catered for.



The Voodoo-Blues has a true hard wire output plus two buffered outputs that can drive long cable lengths with no high frequency loss. These buffered outputs are disconnected when the hard wire output is being used. This means that all performance situations are catered for whether you want a true hard wire output or your situation calls for the advantages of buffered outputs.


150Hrs or more using a premium grade alkaline 9 Volt type.


No more screws to loose!..  Slide the front panel back and there is the battery. It could not be simpler or faster.


An external AC adapter (not supplied) can be used and access is through a standard DC power jack ( 2.1mm centre pin ) situated next to the jack sockets. Internal onboard filtering ensures that optimum low noise performance is maintained and diode protection provides peace of mind in case of polarity setting mistakes.

Connection protocol:

It uses the standard negative centre pin connection protocol used by many leading manufacturers.


9 volt DC. Regulated output is recommended.

Current rating:

50mA or more.


The position of the jack sockets and DC power jack are all on the same side of the enclosure and face away from you thus enabling the effect to be optimally positioned in pedal board set-ups.


Width 170 x Depth 112 x Height 57mm. Weight : 618g with battery.