The ability to mix two different distortion sounds in parallel and also control them individually is available in the Synergy Series. The advantage of parallel mixing produces greater flexibility and increases the number sounds available.
Using a chain of effects has many limitations due to the fact one pedal grealtly influences the next and so on.
Parallel mixing is the basis for all recording systems used by recording studios and of course this is how we produced many of Jimi's sounds.
The 5 pedals in the Synergy Series contain a selection from our range of distortion circuits that have already a proven track record with our artists and users. Select each one individually or use a blend to form new sounds.
There is also the added advantage of having access to two pedals plus mixing for a little more than the price of a single effect.

Les Paul - Voodoo TT Stratocaster - Voodoo TT
Artist - Eddie Angel - London - U.K.

Stratocaster - KURO KAGE
Artist - Billy Walton - Atlantic City - U.S.A.

2 EFFECTS IN ONE BOX with a saving in cost and space.
MULTI-MODE OUTPUTS: True Bypass and Buffered Outputs.
LOW NOISE TRIPLE SHIELDED: 6 layer PC Card with internal shielding.
BYPASS SWITCH IS USA CARLING for ultimate reliability.
RAPID BATTERY CHANGE: Front Panel Slides open, No screws and very fast and easy.
HIGH BAND DRIVE - This sets the amount of distortion from almost nil up to virtually unlimited sustain.
HIGH BAND EQ - A combination circuit tailored for the High Band tonal characteristics.
LOW BAND DRIVE - This sets the Low Band distortion to the desired level.
LOW BAND EQ- Optimised Low Band EQ
MIX - Blend the Low Band and High Band sounds together and use to hear each section individually. Fully clockwise will select the Low Band and fully anti-clockwise the High Band.
OUTPUT - Set the Output Level from unity gain up to level boost required.

Voodoo XX
New ! !


If you desire sustain and articulation in your tone without nasty artifacts that detract away from your riffs this combination is for you. The Voodoo XX represents a big step forward in this direction and the blending of these acclaimed circuits must be heard. Many top players already use both of these circuits and now you have the choice of both to adjust and blend together. A good choice for both rock and metal music styles. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Voodoo TT
New ! !


This choice has been selected to provide open sounds from The Voodoo-Boost or the classic Voodoo-1 sounds featured by users Mike Landau. The Voodoo-Boost is a very interactive pedal with an amplifier and the TT combination provides the possibility of having a more open sound blended with a tight distortion. This is a great sounding pedal for more open sounding rock riffs whilst still giving smooth sustain when needed. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Kuro Kage
New ! !


These two classic circuits are our probably most popular circuits for Rock orientated music. They have stood the test of time and many famous bands still use them. They are not at all nasal sounding cleaning up superbly with the use of the guitar volume control. Now you can experience the unlimited combination of blending both tone and distortion to the nth degree with the Kuro Kage. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Voodoo Bass 2
New ! !


Bass Guitar players as well as Heavy Metal players who use drop tunings are already using the Voodoo-Bass extensively. The new Voodoo-Bass X circuit when blended with the original Voodoo-Bass brings a new meaning to low end drive and control and you can feel as well as hear the difference as you explore new sonic control over the Low End. This is a serious pedal for Bass Players and Guitar Players who seek out low end crunch. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion



The Dual Band Metalloid brings separate control to the low and high notes of the guitar's range and is best visualised as two distortion units in parallel acting on different parts of the guitar and then blended or mixed together to form one sound. The amount of control and ease by which you can build up your ultimate tone is truly new. The traditional series connection method of connecting pedals has reached it's end of development and you will enjoy this new found freedom of tone control. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion
Synergy Series
The Synergy Series brings parallel path processing and recording studio-mixing quality to our range of distortion pedals. Each pedal has two separate distortion sections that are driven by internal splitter circuitry and then mixed back together. The Low and High Band circuit paths have been carefully chosen from our extensive range of tried and critically acclaimed distortion, fuzz and overdrive circuits. It is best visualised as two separate channels with individual control of the important parameters and then mixed together to form one sound.

The Low and High Band circuit path channels have individual Drive and EQ controls that been optimised for the type of circuit being used. The resulting range of sounds available is truly immense as varying amounts and types of Processing and EQ can be applied to each channel or band and then mixed together. This is a technique we used in the studio with Jimi to get the required tone. Using various pedals in series or equalisation will not accomplish this as processing is then applied sequentially and to the whole frequency range. The advantages of this technique become immediately apparent upon playing the units. The amount of flexibility in adjusting the tone is truly immense and these boxes will appeal to those players that seek out and appreciate the subtleties of manipulating their tone to the highest level.

It should not also be forgotten that there is a financial saving as well as in fact you are getting two pedals for one plus a splitter and mixer for about 120% of the price of one of our single units. You also have a space saving on your pedal board with a very flexible unit that will produce more tonal variation that you can imagine. MORE INFO

Guitar Player USA Metalloid Review

RM 58 Limiter
New !!

The RM 58 is still regarded today by many leading producers as a Holy Grail piece of vintage analogue equipment and was first manufactured in New York by Roger Mayer in 1970. The latest evolution of the RM 58 retains the same Class A audio circuit path and the FET gain reduction method. The overall performance has also been improved and both professional +4dBV and semi-pro -10dBV operating levels are catered for. It is both Instrument and Digital friendly and is being used already by top producers. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

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New Limited Edition ! !

In 1964 I designed my first fuzz guitar effects pedal that was used by Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan and featured on many early hit records. I am pleased to announce that after over 40 years this early ground breaking fuzz will be available again. It uses carefully selected germanium transistors and has the same distortion section as the original 1964 version. MORE

 New Limited Edition
Hot New Videos from OZ
James Ryan (Men at Work) from Melbourne, Australia shows that all is well with the OZ Guitar scene. Rock and Guitar Playing is going strong Down Under and we are only to pleased to be associated with some fine players who continue the great Wizards from OZ tradition in guitarists.
Please Follow the link below to our Video Page.
Artist News
Satriani gets the Vibe  Joe Satriani a long time Roger Mayer user plays a Voodoo-Vibe on his pedal board and has also just aquired some Voodoo-Vibe Jr's from our US Importers Music Central. IMAGE

Primal Scream goes Axis  Barrie Cadogan visted us and chose an Axis for stage and studio work. His only complaint was "why don't you only just make one pedal they all sound great I can't decide." IMAGE

Vibe+ for U2's Edge

Richie Sambora uses an Octavia   The Custom Painted Butane Octavia is a weapon of choice for Bon Jovi's Guitarist. IMAGE

Akira Takasaki gives the Metalloid the Thumbs Up.   Akira Takasaki is the Leader and Founder of Japan's No:1 Heavy Metal Band "LOUDNESS" He has been a friend and user of Roger Mayer Products Since 1990 and has used our Famous 6550 Power Amps continuously since 1992 choosing them over everything else. If you haven't heard him yet I urge you to seek him out on the web. IMAGES

Michael Landau   The Voodoo-1 and Voodoo-Vibe are used on his regular pedalboard.

Anthrax's Daniel Spitz gets the Vision and Vibe.  A pair of Vision Wah's and a Voodoo-Vibe are in his stage setup. IMAGE

Bob Marley's Junior Marvin continues the Skippers Vision.   Bob Marley and the Wailers have featured Roger's effects and guitar and bass modifications for over 30 years. Junior continues this legacy today whilst fronting the Original Wailers and are a must see. . IMAGE

Taiji Sawada uses Voodoo-Bass   Taiji Sawada Bass Player with X JAPAN and LOUDNESS uses Voodoo-Bass to enhance his unique Bass Slapping tone he is famous for. Many famous Heavy Metal players in Japan also use the Voodoo-Bass for recording and live performances. IMAGE

Kevin Shield of My Bloody Valentine gets our latest and craziest.   Kevin and I go back to the early days of Indie Rock in the 90's and we are proud to be associated with his unique music. He has virtually our full range of pedals plus quite a few very extreme custom ones. IMAGE

Papa George checks out the new Dual Band Metalloid with an Electric Resonator Guitar   Papa George came round to hear and test the Metalloid on both Resonator and conventional guitars. It really comes into it's own with finger pickin and slide work and proved to us that it's not just for hard rock or metal. IMAGE

Voodoo-Vibe+   The Voodoo-Vibe + has a Tremolo circuit plus the usual Chorus and Vibrato functions and the control of the sound parameters has been greatly expanded. The addition of Pulsed Square Waveforms to the normal sweep waveforms is a valuable and useful addition to it's capabilities. The range of Speed Control has been expanded together with an extended Symmetry Range and these features also increase the options of producing many new and radical effects. The Voodoo-Vibe+ is a modern and worthy successor to our very successful Voodoo-Vibe. The art of analogue processing has moved forward. MORE INFO

4 New X-Factor Pedals  The Rocket Classic, Mongoose, Spitfire and Stone models have been updated with additional features into our standard enclosure, bringing these popular designs into a modern player and pedal board friendly package.

Classic-X  Front end buffering allows this germanium fuzz to interface better with wah pedals and is the ultimate evolution from the recording chain I developed for Jimi. Experience the ability to tweak the tone as we did in Jimi's recordings. MORE INFO

Stone-X  Front end buffering allows this silicon fuzz to interface better with wah pedals and is the ultimate evolution from the recording chains I developed for Jimi. Forget all about FF clones and give this one a listen. MORE INFO

Mongoose-X  The immense sustain at low volume and the well rounded very heavy tone has made this a favourite amongst hard rock and metal heads for over 20 years.
It cleans up superbly with guitar volume control and has great articulation between notes that encourages shredding and tapping techniques. MORE INFO

Spitfire-X  Clear note articulation and the ability to clean up from the guitar volume control plus immense sustain at low amp volume together with the heavy tone optimised to create great stadium rock sounds makes it a favourite amongst many famous bands for both live and studio recording. MORE INFO

Vision Wah Special  The Roger Mayer Vision Wah Special is the second in the Vision Low Line series of foot controllers and provides auto switching between the two functions of wah or volume. Players can now change from wah and control their volume instantly they have finished using the wah function. MORE INFO

Video Links   Please check out the You Tube Videos listed on this page to hear some of our pedals being played Live. You are invited to also submit your video links. MORE INFO

My Space Page   We invite you visit us at myspace music for more information and pics relating to the musicians and bands who are our friends. Please feel free to become one of our listed friends to help you network with other musicians. There is more information about the records Roger Mayer has played on and his extensive Production Credits and involvement with guitar legends.



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