456 Microphone Pre-Amplifier

One stop modern unique solution for pristine analogue recording.

Interfaces seamlessly with all A to D converters in use today.

Ultra Linear High Speed Class A discrete pre-amplifiers with a proven award winning track record since 1968 pioneering the golden era of the recording industry .

Transformer fully balanced hand wound ferrite transformers produced in our UK workshop with ultimate phase and linearity over a very wide bandwidth exceeding 80Khz.

Input and outputs utilise gold plated Neutrik XLR connectors for reliability and compatibility.

Stepped input and output potentiometers.

Independent selectable Transformer Balanced Line Input XLR for added flexibility.

VU Meters with correct ballistics and extended accurate frequency response with multi-turn calibration enables all the current line up protocols to be easily interfaced and monitored.

456HD® Analogue Tape Simulation for both Recording and Post Production

456HD® High speed analogue dynamic process can be switched In and Out to instantly hear the effect of the tape simulation properties. These are based upon and derived from a perfectly lined up Studer A80 with 456 Tape without any of the problems associated with old mechanical tape recorders that were temperamental at the best of times and required dedicated in house technicians to maintain them daily at great expense.

Good quality 2 inch tape today has a cost (£250.00 for 15mins) and that is really not a viable financial option for the modern recording process with today's tight budgets.

The output level of the 456HD® process can be adjusted to simulate the over record set ups that were used back in the day to push the tape in saturation with the correct amount of compression. You can rest easy and think of the 456HD® process as a solid state tape recorder being converted into digital by your DAW.

The 456HD® process has been in use for over 2 years by top producers and the 456MP has been field tested by some of the finest ears in the industry. As my microphone amplifier design has long history of success and has been used in so many landmark recordings the actual process and evolution to our current model has been a case of simply bringing it forward and coupling it with our latest high speed analogue dynamics process to produce this unique compact product.

Please click on the link below to view the OPERATING MANUAL which has all the technical information and history.