Plug 'n Play 'n Record with the AMP+ Series.

The AMP+ SERIES are unlike any other devices and represent the cutting edge of our new pioneering design technology in allowing you to "experience the difference" when hearing and recording guitar tones that have made rock and roll history.
You can now Plug 'n Play 'n Record your choice of classic British or American flavoured guitar tones or SVT inspired Bass tones into any Recording Device, DAW or Sound System at home, studio or at a live gig with the minimum amount of fuss and equipment.
They are actually amplifiers in the own right that share the same structure, multi stage architecture and equalization as their tube counterparts.
They operate and feel just like a tube amplifier with controls all having similar function and feel. The input gain is the same as regards to distortion and the guitar behaves just as you would expect. Having real control knobs makes dialling in your sound fast and simple just treat the AMP+ as an amplifier.
Your effects pedal train can be connected into the AMP+ just as normal with no unexpected interface problems.
They are 100% Solid State with a completely DISCRETE ANALOGUE SIGNAL PATH that has ZERO LATENCY and a better DYNAMIC RANGE than that of a CD resulting in a noise free output that follows every subtlety and nuance of your playing style perfectly.
There is no question that the OUTPUT DYNAMICS are more detailed and exhibit more PRESENCE than obtained from the traditional setup of a microphone in front of a speaker or by using a plugin with your DAW.
The OUTPUT SECTION distorts in a similar manner to classic output tubes and exhibits the compression and harmonics that people love. The AMP+ is more detailed in this respect as it does not have any amplifier lag, phase smear or microphonics that a tube amp has when cranked. You can now experience the full detail of your guitar at any operating level.
The OUTPUT TUBE COMPRESSION is there as well adding to the natural playing experience and you now also have a very effective PEAK LIMITER controlling final output level.
This DYNAMIC SOUND with the full presence and detail that you have not experienced before will be a surprise and require a new evaluation of your previous guitar tones. It will inspire you to play better than ever. The added detail also enables you to better place the track in the MIX as it can now be heard with more clarity. Having the luxury of always creating full range HD AUDIO makes further manipulation easy and successful. Post Production - Speaker Simulation - EQ - Delay or other effects can be applied to this full range sound to obtain the best possible results.
TOTAL ISOLATION is obtained with the AMP+ and multiple tracking of instruments is easy in any Location Enviroment. The ability to record these professional quality tones anywhere will change the way songs can be recorded or created. There is no need in most cases to re-record a great idea or feel if it has been captured using an AMP+ and recorded onto a digital recording device. A minimum amount of equipment is needed and it is a great advantage of having a small compact unit that interfaces with any Recording Device, DAW or Sound System be it a home, studio, backstage or live at a gig.
LIVE PERFORMANCE You can use the AMP+ as an addition to your backline amplifier or replace it altogether and feed to the front of house and stage and side fill monitors. In our road tests we have found when using it live the guitarist not only enjoys the increased dynamics and detail but a great sound on the PA System. In addition the on stage volume can be reduced and a repeatable consistent tone created without the wild variable of mic'ing an amp onstage.
SETUP SPEED AND REPEATABILITY It is as easy as plugging into any amplifier and adjusting the controls. The Peak Limiting making recording level adjustment a one step process. Consistent sound equals better performance not to mention not having to lug around heavy amps.
COST SAVINGS Eliminating excess tour gear is becoming the norm as airline fees have risen and it costs a lot to achieve the same sound as the AMP+ using traditional setups with an amplifier and microphone.

Super 57
Amp+ M59

Voodoo-Vibe +

The Voodoo-Vibe+ is the latest evolution of the Voodoo-Vibe which is the leader in Uni-Vibe type effects used by many leading players. It is not a clone but an evolution that has a long history of development. It provides Chorus, Vibrato and also has a Tremolo section as well.The addition of Pulse Square waveforms to the normal Classic waveforms has greatly extended the sonic capabilities. The Speed of the sweep generator has also been expanded together with the Symmetry Range. These improved features enable many new and unheard effects to be produced. MORE

Voodoo-Vibe new style

Bel Air Wah

Our latest evolution with improved Sweep range and adjustment. Low profile and balanced operating posture. Dual mode operation allows auto switching between the two functions of wah and volume. Players can now change from wah and control their volume instantly they have finished using the wah function. The standard bypsss mode is the default factory preset. Discover the wah tones I developed for Jimi and used by him at the "Band of Gypsys" concert. MORE

Bel Air Wah



The VIBE TC has the same CHORUS sounds as the VOODOO VIBE with a smaller footprint and PERFORMANCE CONTROL over SPEED and INTENSITY. MORE

 Performance Control



Accurate control of DRIVE level can now be made live whilst playing or find that sweet tone easily with the large DRIVE knob. The small size will help where space is at a premium on your crowded pedal board. The Model Range of the TC Series is based on our excisting range but with the added feature of PERFORMANCE CONTROL which adds a new dimension to the use of our famous effects. MORE

 Performance Control

RM 58 Limiter

The RM 58 is still regarded today by many leading producers as a Holy Grail piece of vintage analogue equipment and was first manufactured in New York by Roger Mayer in 1970. The latest evolution of the RM 58 retains the same Class A audio circuit path and the FET gain reduction method. The overall performance has also been improved and both professional +4dBV and semi-pro -10dBV operating levels are catered for. It is both Instrument and Digital friendly and is being used already by top producers. MORE

 RM 58 Studio Limiter

Vision Octavia

The Vision Octavia has all the same famous tones of the Rocket Shape Octavia with an added tone control section which makes the pedal even more versatile. It comes in our new standard enclosure with Hard wire and Dual buffered outputs in a package that is more flexible and pedal board friendly. MORE

Vision Octavia

Page 1

In 1964 I designed my first fuzz guitar effects pedal that was used by Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan and featured on many early hit records. I am pleased to announce that after over 40 years this early ground breaking fuzz will be available again. It uses carefully selected germanium transistors and has the same distortion section as the original 1964 version. MORE

 New Limited Edition


The Voodoo-Blues is a dual purpose guitar pedal with clean sustain and overdrive. It can be set to provide both overdrive and clean boost and uses a unique and completely different circuit to produce a very musical set of overtones with feedforward compression as it slips into overdrive. Full dynamics and detail are preserved and it cleans up perfectly with the guitar volume control to give ultimate player control. It has been designed to give the discerning player an alternative for the Tube Screamer type of overdrive and we urge you to compare and
"experience the difference"   MORE

 New!! Clean Boost and Overdrive


The Voodoo-Axe is now housed in our Classic Style enclosure and features both Hard Wire and Dual Buffered Outputs.

The Voodoo-Axe has many of the same basic sound qualities of the original Axis but extends and modifies these tones to suit today's music. I have kept this great classic fuzz sound and added a very effective Fatness control which tightens the low end response without becoming woolly and indistinct. The very tight and extended low end was expressly designed to compliment the use of dropped tunings and dynamically responds very well to this new range of modern sounds.It also works well as a power booster. MORE

Voodoo-Axe new style

Treble Booster

I first started designing pedals in 1961 and produced a Treble Booster that was tried and used by my friends including Jimmy Page who then played in local bands. The Concorde+ Treble Booster uses both silicon and germanium transistors in a unique configuration to obtain the best tone qualities from the marriage. The Concorde + however departs from the clones produced today and uses a unique approach of combining a low noise class A silicon drive circuit with passive tone shaping to drive a fully optimised germanium treble booster. MORE

Concorde + Treble Booster


The Voodoo-1 is now housed in our Classic Style enclosure and features both Hard Wire and Dual Buffered Outputs.

The Voodoo-1 distortion section uses a unique combination of the best discrete and IC design techniques to emulate the type of distortion found on many classic tube amplifiers. It allows the player to create a wide range of distortion effects from mild to extreme whilst reacting to the most subtle nuances in touch and playing. MORE

Voodoo-1 new style


The Voodoo-Bass is now housed in our Classic Style enclosure and features both Hard Wire and Dual Buffered Outputs.

The Voodoo-Bass adds a gutsier bass equalisation than the Voodoo-1. This enables players who favour single coil pickups to reproduce quite effortlessly the rounded, bluesy sound of classic pickups such as the Gibson P90 ie: Fender to Gibson sound. This guitar effects pedal also works very well with Bass Guitar players who want the joys of adding both compression and distortion to their sound. MORE

Voodoo-Bass new style


The Voodoo-Boost is now housed in our new box and features both Hard Wire and Dual Buffered Outputs plus easy battery access. It controls not only volume boost but also has a fatness control and gain/distortion control to give a truly wide range of operational possibilities. The Voodoo Boost is capable of a significant distortion free volume boost to the amplifiers input at the touch of the footswitch. The overall output capability of the unit is sufficient to make the amplifier stages distort severely if required. The output level from guitar pickups is usually not enough to overload the 1st stage significantly so this is a new area to try. MORE

Voodoo-Boost new style


Our most famous and copied pedal. The debut of the unique frequency doubled tone by Jimi Hendrix on "Purple Haze" in 1967 began my relationship with Jimi as his FX Guru. It has been used by many leading players and as the designer and originator of the Octavia I welcome you to experience the unique tones that this pedal delivers. MORE



The Axis Fuzz was developed in early 1967 to give an additional series of tone colours for Jimi Hendrix. This guitar effect is named after it's most famous use on the title track of the album"Axis Bold as Love". It can also be heard extensively on the "Band of Gypsys" and various other post 1968 recordings by Jimi. it's It cleans us very well from the guitar volume control and retains its large range of tone colours.The guitar does not loose identity and is truly a modern classic vintage guitar effect used by many leading performers today. MORE


Classic Fuzz

Our Classic Fuzz incorporates the same demon tweeks that I personally developed for Jimi. Using two carefully selected Germanium transistors this guitar effect is unquestionably the most accurate vintage fuzz face type effect manufactured today that replicates the sound of the early Hendrix tracks. Our Classic Fuzz has the genuine pedigree and heritage and you can rest assured of having a device designed and built by the man who was there. MORE



The Spitfire Distortion produces the classic triode tube type distortion that is particularly rich in harmonics that are very musical and pleasing to the ears. Chords can be used at high levels of distortion without sounding raucous or just plain nasty. The Spitfire maintains the guitar's original tone characteristics with the open sound, detail and sonic heritage that have their roots in my association with the making of Jimi's recordings.MORE



The MONGOOSE FUZZ has enough fat fuzz and bottom end to keep a metalhead happy. The Mongooose uses a combination of both discrete and IC analogue design techniques. The clipping circuit primarily comes from a passive diode circuit resulting in smooth compression and harmonic overtones providing a smooth and transparent transition from clean to overload states.MORE



The Stone is a modern evolution from the fuzz pedals I modified for Jimi. It maintains the guitars original tone characteristics with the open sound and sonic heritage that is the trademark of Jimi's recordings and will appeal to those players who strive for a modern sound with strong roots in the past. It is a very Low Noise high gain design, stable, free from radio and other electronic interference and has a greatly increased output level that enables it to overdrive the front end of any amp as hard as you want. MORE



The Rocket Classic has been updated with additional features into our standard enclosure, bringing this popular design into a modern player and pedal board friendly package.
Front end buffering allows this germanium fuzz to interface better with wah pedals and is the ultimate evolution from the recording chain I developed for Jimi. Experience the ability to tweak the tone as we did in Jimi's recordings. MORE

 New!! Germanium FF with Jimi's mods


The Rocket Stone Fuzz has been updated with additional features into our standard enclosure, bringing this popular design into a modern player and pedal board friendly package.
Front end buffering allows this silicon fuzz to interface better with wah pedals and is the ultimate evolution from the recording chain I developed for Jimi. Forget all about FF clones and give this one a listen. MORE

 Silicon FF with Jimi's mods


The Rocket Mongoose has been updated with additional features into our standard enclosure, bringing this popular design into a modern player and pedal board friendly package.
The immense sustain at low volume and the well rounded very heavy tone has made this a favourite amongst hard rock and metal heads for over 20 years.
It cleans up superbly with guitar volume control and has great articulation between notes that encourages shredding and tapping techniques. MORE

 New!! Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Fuzz


The Rocket Spitfire has been updated with additional features into our standard enclosure , bringing this popular design into a modern player and pedal board friendly package.
Clear note articulation and the ability to clean up from the guitar volume control plus immense sustain at low amp volume together with the heavy tone optimised to create great stadium rock sounds makes it a favourite amongst many famous bands for both live and studio recording. MORE

 New!! Stadium Hard Rock Fuzz

Voodoo XX


If you desire sustain and articulation in your tone without nasty artifacts that detract away from your riffs this combination is for you. The Voodoo XX represents a big step forward in this direction and the blending of these acclaimed circuits must be heard. Many top players already use both of these circuits and now you have the choice of both to adjust and blend together. A good choice for both rock and metal music styles. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Voodoo TT


This choice has been selected to provide open sounds from The Voodoo-Boost or the classic Voodoo-1 sounds featured by users Mike Landau. The Voodoo-Boost is a very interactive pedal with an amplifier and the TT combination provides the possibility of having a more open sound blended with a tight distortion. This is a great sounding pedal for more open sounding rock riffs whilst still giving smooth sustain when needed. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Kuro Kage


These two classic circuits are our probably most popular circuits for Rock orientated music. They have stood the test of time and many famous bands still use them. They are not at all nasal sounding cleaning up superbly with the use of the guitar volume control. Now you can experience the unlimited combination of blending both tone and distortion to the nth degree with the Kuro Kage. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Voodoo Bass 2


Bass Guitar players as well as Heavy Metal players who use drop tunings are already using the Voodoo-Bass extensively. The new Voodoo-Bass X circuit when blended with the original Voodoo-Bass brings a new meaning to low end drive and control and you can feel as well as hear the difference as you explore new sonic control over the Low End. This is a serious pedal for Bass Players and Guitar Players who seek out low end crunch. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion



The Dual Band Metalloid brings separate control to the low and high notes of the guitar's range and is best visualised as two distortion units in parallel acting on different parts of the guitar and then blended or mixed together to form one sound. The amount of control and ease by which you can build up your ultimate tone is truly new. The traditional series connection method of connecting pedals has reached it's end of development and you will enjoy this new found freedom of tone control. MORE

 New!! Dual Band Distortion

Vision Wah Classic

Low profile and ergonomically easy to use. 16 wah sweeps plus wah signal blending make the Vision Wah very versatile. No moving pots or mechanical switches mean long trouble free life and quiet operation. The ease of use when standing due to it's low profile make the traditional wahs pedals seem hard to use. MORE

Vision Wah