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The 456HD Process is in essence is an All Analogue Solid State Tape Recorder the Output of which can be recorded by conventional Digital recording techniques whether the application is for Digital Mastering CD's, Stereo Bus Processing, Mixing and Tracking applications.

It uses the latest ultra-high speed analogue design techniques to accurately duplicate the dynamic and harmonic properties of analogue tape and vintage tape recorders in real time with zero latency or any other time smearing artefacts.

456 Master Tape was chosen as the model for the harmonic and dynamic properties and the A80 Studer Tape Recorder as a reference for overall frequency response with respect to tape speed, bias and tape head properties.

The additional Equalistaion Controls further enhance the ability to adjust the tone and characteristics of these game changing units.


The 456HD Process was chosen to be used on the latest single by THE WHO - BE LUCKY and 10 channels of 456HD were simultaneously used during tracking and the final mixing and mastering were also 456HD processed.
Produced by Dave Eringa, engineering by Sean Genockey and final mastering by Ed Woods.


For over 40 years ROGER MAYER has been crafting icons of tone that have changed the sound of Rock. When Rock & Blues luminaries Page and Hendrix needed tone tweaking they called Roger.
Recording Studio electronics followed with many studios using RM Studio products such as the legendary RM 58 Limiter.
In 2000 Roger was nominated for a Technical Grammy for his Studio and Rock work for the music industry.
Now it's your turn to "EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE" Whether you desire Clean Boost, Distortion, Psychedelic Fuzz madness or the swirling of thick Analog Chorus
ROGER MAYER products retain the purity and characteristics of the original signal source.
Don't be mistaken, these hand built analog tone machines :
ARE THE ORIGINAL INNOVATIONS and NOT A CLONE, EMULATION OR IMITATION, Whatever your style- Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Funk or Metal there will be a unique product to enhance and bring your tone vision to life